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A wide variety of projects run at the centre including the very successful Youth Cafe Project, the Peerie Club and a new P4/P5 group (currently running as a pilot project to guage the interest). Last year the Management Committee also ran a summer Fun Factory for children from 3 years to 12 years of age.

The centre hosts a number of annual and one-off events, for example the Christmas Tree Light Up Ceremony which has grown in poularity over the past two years.   Fire Festival teas/coffees have been ongoing for a number of years supporting the Fire Festival on the morning the galley comes to Da Waterfront.  The Fire Festival Family Foy, a new event, proved very popular with a visit from the Jarl Squad and some other squads doing their acts before going to the Scalloway Public Hall for the Guizers Return.  


The Big Lunch was another new event for 2016 and ties in to a national event of the same name. It was a great success and plans are already underway to run this again next year. 


The Regatta sports and family fun day was another popular community event though this year it did not happen due to circumstances beyond our control, hopefully will be back on the annual calendar from 2017. 


New ideas for events are always welcome!  


We are now in a position to look at increasing the daytime use of the centre and, to this end set up an Age Opportunity Fayre bringing in all the agencies that support the elderly and from this a new group was formed – the 60 plus drop in started in April and continues on Wednesday afternoons.

A partnership has been established with Adult Learning resulting in some successful daytime classes.  We are hopeful that this will continue with an increasing variety of classes available during the day.

Our regulars!


There are a number of groups that meet regularly in the centre, some of them afflliated, some not.  There is:

  • a very active Rainbows & Brownies Group that meets on a Monday night;

  • our own Peerie Club every Saturday afternoon followed by the new P4 & P5 club;

  • the Youth Cafe, which is open every Saturday evening.

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