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Over the years the Centre has run a variety of holiday activities as funding is identified and secured.  Some of the previous ones included African Drumming; Under the Sea and on the Land Fun Factory; A Taste of Music workshops; Mural of Scalloway and more recently the Let’s Dance Project and the Boomwhacker

Let's Dance


Let’s Dance Project was run by Emily Briggs who is studying dance at the Performing Arts Studio Scotland and the funding came from Greig  Seafoods to employ her along with our Centre staff.


The children performed to their parents and friend following five days of dance workshops.




This project was run by Bobby Sutherland who had made similar boomwhackers in Edinburgh.  He was supported by a volunteer and our staff and the children loved the opportunity to saw and bang in nails and paint.  The boomwhacker is out in the playarea in the spring and summer and stored away during the winter.  This project was part funded by Scalloway Community Council, DITT and Scott Direct.

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