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SYCC provides creative opportunities for young musicians

YOuth Cafe - Music Project

The Music Project meets every Saturday afternoon from 1.30 – 3pm  The houseband - Skalavagr uses this time to practice new songs and prepare for playing at specific events such as The Big Lunch, concerts to fundraise and the Youth Volunteering Event in 2018. Two young people played at the Student Night event in Mareel in 2019.

Our first Music Development Worker was Eamonn Watt, who started in 2016.  He is well known around the schools as a drumming instructor now and also known as the Virtual Composer; One Man Disco and has recently  had more hits on Spotify for one of his tunes than Madonna.  Eammon says “It was a great job and was highly valuable towards getting my full time job.”


Some of the house band members have moved on but there is a core group who have been involved since it started in 2016.  


Skalavagr was one of the nominations for the Youth Achievement Awards 2018.

“seeing the houseband perform brought a lump to my throat, such a lot of talent”

“ I like playing the guitar and singing”

Some of the young people who played at the concert organised by Skalavagr in 2017 to raise funds for transport for the 60 Plus Drop In group and the other photo is of young people playing at one of the Christmas Lighting Up Ceremonies.


Anthony playing at the Student Night 2019, photograph by Carina

We have a well stocked music room full of guitars, drums, fiddles, ukuleles, keyboards, penny whistles, tamborenes and mic and amps.   


Jack playing on Rees Diamond’s drum kit which was kindly donated to the centre by Jacqui and Dave Diamond.

Jamming sessions also happen on Saturday nights at the Youth Cafe either upstairs or on special occassionas down in the cafe area.


In 2017 we also ran a Taste of Music in the summer holidays with a number of our young musicians leading some of the sessions along with adult volunteers.  A number of the children went on to have music lessons in their chosen instrumentfollowing the workshops.

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